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    The 21 Day Hormonal Reset

    Wait til you see what happens!

    You’re ready to lose weight for good. And you know relying on willpower to  “get your body back” just doesn’t work for you.

    But why?

    Because your body isn’t responding like it did when it was 20. You can’t keep putting your resolutions on repeat and expect results. Your bodies has been used and sustained some damage.

    And you remember, you haven’t always been successful. You’ve fallen off the proverbial wagon lots of times. Success has been fleeting. And lately you can’t seem to do anything to make a physical shift.

    It’s not your fault. you weren’t warned about the things you were doing and how they were causing long term issues. Stress & sugar causing cortisol & insulin resistance.  And you certainly aren’t being taught how to reverse the damage.


    With a few dietary changes made incrementally over 3 weeks, we will give our body some time to heal and our mind some time to absorb a different way to achieve our goals.

    With the support of someone who has experienced this, you’ll be guided through the common pitfalls and sticking points so that you only have to start once.

    We’ll lose inches and pounds, our skin will improve, our brains clear and we will feel better as we move into the new decade.

    Starting soon I will be leading you through the Hormone Reset.

    For 21 Days we’ll make incremental dietary changes designed to

    *Reset your weight

    *Reset your hormones

    *Reset your nutrition

    *Prioritize self care and daily action

    The Hormone Reset is a 21 day rest for your digestive tract and hormonal system designed to help you clear the gunk so your body can lose weight, feel, think and function better.

    The women that have gone through this program in the past have lost 5-15 pounds and inches, inches and more inches.  Their mental clarity has shifted back into high gear.  Their energy has come back ten fold. And their sleep has become deep and restful.

    What’s included?

    Facebook live support and direction for all 21 days and all 7 resets

    Answers to all your questions as we layer in the resets

    Food ideas that fit into your life.


    I’ll lead you through re-entry…you know, that time when the “diet is over” and we often binge back into dis-ease.

    Hey there!  I am Denise and I will be your guide through this experience.  I help women shift their minds and bodies to a healthy place as they enter a new and often bewildering stage of life commonly known as “the change.”  A time when bodies, minds and sleep are no longer predictable.  But with a few easy shifts in food, exercise and stress reduction they can once again feel alive, sexy and rested.

    I am an empty nester relishing in the next chapter of life.  Just like my clients I want to continue to live, travel and enjoy this age even more than the last.  No hours at the gym or stressing over every bite.  Just live a life of purpose.

    I’ve been a Personal Trainer for 18 years and in the last 5 shifted my focus to women with hormonal changes, especially those of menopause.  It is so exciting to see these women realize their strength, power and energy is completely in their control once again!

    What women are saying about the Hormone Reset!

    “I’m utterly amazed at the person staring back at me in the mirror.  I have lost weight and inches, but more amazingly, I feel so good.  My skin is clear, my mood steadier, my clothes looser and i have energy to exercise.  And I’ve gotten rid of my cravings!”

    “For the first time in 30 years I have started to lose weight.”

    “Exactly what I needed to break my cycle of food cravings.  I suspected that caffeine and sugar were triggering an unhappy, unhealthy cycle for me but now I know without a doubt.”

    “Scale says I’m down 10 pounds.  Sugar headaches are gone.”

    “I wasn’t too excited to get rid of my coffee and wine…but wow!  I’ve learned so much and feel so good.  And the bonus: losing 20 pounds, yup, 20!”

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