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Intentionally Fit

Intentionally Fit: Premium, Online Fitness Course for Your Body & Mind

You’re here for a reason. You’re ready to take your workouts to the next level. This doesn’t mean heavier weights or longer routines. Instead, it means incorporating your desire for a healthier body with your need for a healthier self-image. Through my Intentionally Fit online fitness program, you will get a focused workout for your body and mind.

Personal Training Online, Always Available When You Need It

For 13 years, I have been offering in-club IntenSati workouts for my clients. I’ve seen firsthand the transformation these workouts can have on a person. But group classes aren’t for everyone. And all personal trainers do not offer IntenSati workouts.

I have created Intentionally Fit—iFit for short. This program is geared to make this powerful blend of workout and mindfulness more accessible to those who crave it. I’ve built on the IntenSati foundation, adding in guided meditations and strengths workouts to give you a full online personal training routine you can turn to time and again.

Intentions-Focused, One Month at a Time

Each month, we will focus on one intention that you can apply to any part of your life, from weight loss to work to personal relationships. As your online personal trainer, I will work each intention into six different modules that you can turn to:

  1. Monthly affirmations: Positive mantras can help block even the most negative thoughts that run through your head. Each month, you will receive an affirmation card that includes the month’s IntenSati mantras so you can keep them with you wherever you need them most: next to the bed for those times when you wake up in the middle of the night; on the bathroom mirror as you’re getting ready for the day; or next to your desk at work so you remain mindful of them all day long.
  2. 5-6 minute mini-workouts: With these mini-shots, you can get in a full cardio workout in small bursts throughout the day. Or, loop them altogether for one, high-intensity 30-minute cardio workout!
  3. 11-minute lower body workouts: The IntenSati routines offer a fair amount of work for the core and upper body. To balance it out, I will create 11-minute lower body workouts that you can use to sculpt and tone your body.
  4. Guided meditations: Time and again, studies have proven that meditations can boost the immune system, calm you down and relieve anger. We’ll tie the month’s guided meditations together with the month’s intention to keep your mindset positive.
  5. Strength workouts: You will receive a guided strength workout in PDF format to print and take with you to the gym. I will create instructional videos that go along with each workout, so you can see how to properly perform each exercise for maximum impact.
  6. InnerBeats cardio playlist: Fill your morning and evening commutes with good thoughts through each month’s InnerBeats playlist. Listen during your daily walks, when you’re driving or as you’re working out.

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No matter what is going on in the outside world, you can control what is going on inside of you. Know that you are enough. That you have enough. Use these guided workouts and meditations to keep you mindful and moving forward.

You know you deserve this. You know you’re ready to commit to it. Step from knowing into action. Sign up for my Intentionally Fit online training course today. As your online personal trainer, I’ll help you meet a new intention on head each month, and your mind and body will be better for it.

Call me at 612-202-0448 to learn more, or sign up today by filling out the contact form provided here. Please note that this is a monthly, recurring program—you will be charged on an ongoing monthly basis.

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