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Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing

The mysteries of life.

The big why of what we’re all doing here.

You want

And truthful.
And raw.

You seek out understanding yourself;
The letting go of everything you are not, to find your most authentic you.
You love to peel back the layers.
You want to believe that your journey of coming home to yourself can be an ecstatic,
pleasure-call for “More! More! Yes, more!”

You are willing to say goodbye to the limiting habits and patterns.

To say goodbye to the
outdated coping mechanisms and the conditioning that is taking you away from you.
You’ve hit up against enough blocks and barriers in your journey. You’re open to the next level
of support in finding alignment, purpose and ease.Ease.
Oh yes!

You know there’s always more to learn, more to explore and you believe it’s critical to the path
of joy and purpose in life. The closer you get to you, the more your body speaks this truth, your
soul’s truth.
Perhaps, reading the words Akashic Records ignites something inside you. Despite not knowing
what the Records are, there is a visceral response or deep knowing there is something here for
You may feel an opening of the crown.
A tingling in the third eye.
A contraction in the throat.
Expansion in the heart and solar plexus.
A heat in the sacral.
Or a longing in the root.
This is your body speaking your soul’s truth.
Pay. Close. Attention.

Pursuing self by means of the Akashic Records is a path of fulfillment.
An unveiling of the soul.
A letting go of all that you are not.
A warm embrace to fully see and know all that you are.
It is finding home.
Home on Earth.
In your life.
And in your body.
What’s here for you is a connection beyond what you have known before.
A connection to soul-self,
The more-you-self than you’ve ever known.

You will discover the healing process that can take place when doing the deep work, the soul
work. You will see how, through the Akashic Records, one may come home. And you may see what’s possible for you.

-Excerpt from the book “Coming Home; Soul Discovery Sessions in the Akashic Records”  by Shelman, Christensen, Anderson, Andrews, Thompson, Wellik-Peterson



I come from a pretty traditional religious background and a very “see it to believe it lifestyle.”

I first met my mentor at a Business Mastermind Retreat in Utah. During a panel discussion, she mentioned this thing called the Akashic Records.  I was intrigued and decided to seek her out during the break. It was then that I knew, she was bat shit crazy!

Okay… she was just too woo woo for me. But it was too late! I had already friended her on Facebook.

Time passed, I would see her posts on Facebook and scroll on by. My life was passing too.  I was often slipping into the “Why me, why now?” and “What the f*ck am I supposed to be doing and why am I not sitting on a Caribbean Island doing it!?”

On a Facebook post, my mentor offered to intuitively answer any question you had. I took her up on this offer about three times over a few months.  She finally asked if I wanted to really look at this problem and resolve it.

“Ummmmmmmmm, I think the answer is yes?” My mind was racing. But what about God? Is this cool with God?  Are you sure? I really didn’t want to piss off the Big Guy.

Ultimately, I reached the conclusion of, “What the heck! I’m probably already going to hell. I might as well be happy figuring it out!”

Somedays, the rituals to prepare for the healing shook my world. Other days, they were just rote.  Yet, as my mentor unwound my story, my history and my woundings…I cried.

At first, I cried because it seemed I had gotten pretty screwed up, in this lifetime alone! Then I cried because so much was finally falling into place.  I was understanding why money was so hard, why love was so hard, why life was so HARD!

I did everything she told me to do. “Damn it!” I proclaimed. “This is my last time around this mountain!” How many times did Moses go around the same damn mountain and then never got to rejoice in the promised land?  “This will not be me!”

My life started shifting. Slowly at first and then very quickly. With every, “What else is possible?” opening me into more, and every “Is that really true?” as I shifted my limiting beliefs, my finances shifted. My marriage improved. LIFE just keeps getting better!

So much so that a year and a half later, I am now an Akashic Records Practitioner. At first, I was scared. I wasn’t so sure I was anything like the others in Soul Healer Academy. I am a Personal Trainer and Hormone Specialist.  You know, I work with the PHYSICAL body.

Then I accessed the Records for the first time. Whoa! The rush of emotions, of energy was overwhelming and the uncertainty was at an all-time high.  

When clients started sending in their feedback on our sessions, tears of gratitude poured out. Gratitude in my ability to be able to soothe pains and fears and to be able to provide the time and space for the healing and growth of others. I heard things like, “my chiropractic adjustments are holding better” and “let me tell you how what you said has impacted me…”

I am fascinated with how the Records can light the path to permanent weight loss and lasting health. Now as a Personal Trainer, Hormone Specialist and Akashic Records Practitioner, people come to me when:

  • They are tired of gaining and losing the same 50 pounds
  • They are done struggling with the love of healthy, or unhealthy foods
  • They are afraid of human contact and recognize the protective layer of fat for what it is
  • They have tried “everything” and none of it is working

Huh.  I think I am officially very woo woo too!

Ready to check it out?  Let’s get on the phone and see how I might be able to help.

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Here’s the deal, I stumbled into Reiki very recently.  I don’t “get it”.  I can’t explain it like I can exercise.

I can tell you that I have experienced a profound shift in my life.

I can’t even explain that very well.

I am happier, not jolly, but at peace, ease, joy, calm.

Areas in my life are moving in a better trajectory; my relationship with my husband has improved, my business is now fast-tracking toward some long held goals (you know, the ones that have been on the list for years!) and my health has become easier.

So here’s what I can tell you…

Reiki ​ treats​ ​ the​ ​ whole​ ​ person:​ ​ physical,​  ​​mental, ​  emotional,​ ​ and​ ​  spiritual.​

It ​ brings many​ beneficial​ effects​ including​ ​​relaxation, peacefulness,​ ​serenity,​ ​ security and balance. ​ It​ ​ will​  improve​ your​ health ​and​ enhance​ the quality​ of​  your​​ life.​

When you get a Reiki treatment you may feel heat, tingling, chills or nothing at all.  You may experience displaced emotions for a few days after (you may burst out laughing during a serious conversation or crying at the most funny movie ever) don’t dwell on it or try to figure out why this is coming up, just recognize that this is a part of your healing journey, thank it and move on.  When you dwell on it, the emotion may become re-stuck.

And…I have a knack for it.

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