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My Voice is My Medicine

My Voice


Did you know that different frequencies affect the brain & body differently?

Did you know a long, long time ago there were caves known as Healing Caves and that different tones would heal the sick of very serious illnesses?

Did you know that toning or chanting sets off different frequencies in your own body?

And yes, I am still going to say be careful what you say as you are the first one to think it, say it and hear it.  Be careful what you eat as you are the one in control of what goes in your mouth too.

This month I’d like to encourage you to practice toning…maybe while driving?  could be a scream, could be an “ah” , your choice.

The Affirmations

I am lightening up

I am trying something new

I am making room

For love and gratitude 

I set myself free

From negativity

I’m the master of my mouth

I choose to be proud

I am open to love

I am ready for a change

I am bold and brave

I am audaciously accepting

I am a warrior of love

I refuse to criticize

I have plenty to celebrate

Today I RISE!

Lower body Bliss!

The whole series

InnerBeats..Your Cardio Playlist

The Cardio Mantra playlist to really drive that subconscious where you want to go!


Let’s practice some toning….


MY VOICE Affirmations and workout card