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    The ONE Thing

    Pick Your Own Challenge

    You say you want to feel better.

    Actually, you’ve been saying that since the beginning of the year, or maybe even since the lockdowns started.

    But you have lots of aches and pains, the gym isn’t open.

    Your knees kinda hurt.

    You don’t want to go outside.

    You don’t really like salads.

    You kinda drink water but you don’t want to give up your wine or your coffee.


    So, you don’t start today while you think about what you are going to do, where you are going to start.

    And you don’t start tomorrow because you still don’t know what will get the best results and it’s not really a clear.

    And you don’t know how to start to feel better.

    And none of those things change.


    Now I could guess at what’s going to work best for you and I could call this a walking challenge.

    Well, if your knees already hurt and it’s -10 degrees outside, you’re probably not going to go for a walk.

    So, this challenge isn’t for you.


    Or I could call this a healthy eating challenge, veggies first.

    But you don’t like salads and you know they will all go to rot.

    And you don’t even really want to eat a salad.

    Cool, so I’m not going to call it a veggie challenge either.


    I’m here to help you feel better by helping you to pick your own challenge.

    You see all changes have started with one small decision.

    And one small decision builds on the next and on the next.


    So I’ve come up with a list of 4 of the biggest dial moving, hormone balancing,  habits that you could start right now to feel better.

    Dial movers that will take you from

    • weight gain,
    • lack of sleep
    • low libido
    • anxiety and depression
    • acid reflux 
    • brain fog


    • feeling rested,
    • calm,
    • regular (no bloating),
    • invigorated and
    • even energized
    • and frisky 😉 


    Doing the minimums so you can continue to live life while getting results.


    And I’ve formatted  it in the form of a pick your own challenge. 

    (You remember the books we read in grade school that you got to pick what the characters did by picking  A or B and then flipping to that page?)


    When you sign up for the challenge, I’m going to send you and email with all the details so you can pick your own challenge.


    AND now you’ve made the decision to feel better, and you have also taken action to feel better too.


    When do we start?

    We start March 3, it’s a free 10-day challenge so you can really start to feel better, maybe even start a 2nd habit, maybe not.

    As soon as you sign up you’ll get your first assignment, your first baby step, the minimum action.


    What others are saying:

    “Who knew I would feel this much better in a matter of days?  I can honestly say I never expected this.”

    “I didn’t even feel like I was really DOING anything and I was sleeping all night long by the end of the first week.”

    “When I first read the habits I was very skeptical but my anxiety drop was profound.”

    “I was afraid there would be so much tracking I would be overwhelmed but turns out it’s just a bunch of reminders to do the simple stuff over and over again–and I still got results!”

    “Can’t wait to do it again next year”

    “Doing the minimums really just set me up for results”


    What do I get?

    You get a fun filled challenge to help you feel better…


    Just like you were sitting in front of me, I’m going to ask a series of questions and you will get to pick from a couple of options.

    And I will ask some more questions, and you get to pick again.

    Until you have likely found a good challenge to get started on!

    Also…We’ll have 2 group calls to answer any questions on each of the habits and help you work through any stumbling blocks.

    Finally, you’ll gain some momentum on those goals you’ve been working toward for a while.


    1. Pick Your Challenge Questions
    2. Two recorded group calls
    3. Short pdf descriptions of the habits
    4. Priority Email access for questions


    You get the biggest dial movers with the least amount of effort required for the busy times.

    Do the things…get the results.

    I can’t wait to work with you.

    Hey there!  I am Denise and I will be your guide through this experience.  I help women shift their minds and bodies to a healthy place as they enter a new and often bewildering stage of life commonly known as “the change.”  A time when bodies, minds and sleep are no longer predictable.  But with a few easy shifts in food, exercise and stress reduction they can once again feel alive, sexy and rested.

    I am an empty nester relishing in the next chapter of life.  Just like my clients I want to continue to live, travel and enjoy this age even more than the last.  No hours at the gym or stressing over every bite.  Just live a life of purpose.

    I’ve been a Personal Trainer for 19 years and in the last 7 shifted my focus to women with hormonal changes, especially those of menopause.  It is so exciting to see these women realize their strength, power and energy is completely in their control once again!