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TPI Certified Golf Fitness Professional  & Trainer

Hey golfers! Is your golf game up to par? Have you recently been feeling that you need to hang your hat after the front 9? Don’t give up hope yet—I believe I have the program to get you back in the game and on the green.

I am Denise Wellik-Peterson, a Certified Golf Fitness Professional and Personal Trainer. This means I can help you manage your muscles to increase your power coil. I specialize in helping you increase your:

  • Mobility, so your shoulders, spine and hips move through the full range of your swing
  • Stability, so you can hold your swing all the way through
  • Balance, so your brain can focus on your swing and not the fact that you’re standing in the rough or a sand trap
  • Endurance, so you aren’t exhausted by the end of the round

Still Unclear of What I Do? Let Me Put it Another Way.

I am NOT a golf pro. I don’t work out of a golf course and I don’t discuss grip, how to move your shoulders or what your stance needs to look like. I’m here to help you add explosiveness to your drives and finesse to your putts through balance, control and strength exercises.

I’m not just a fitness trainer. While I do offer personal fitness training courses, this program is different. I use the specialized certifications I obtained in golf strengthening in 2013 through the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) and the golf fitness pro certification I obtained in 2015 through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) to help you work your golfing muscles in a special way. The goal is to improve your swing, thereby improving your game. Trust me, I’m not just here to put weights on the end of your club to help you build muscle.

Two Programs Designed to Help You

I know that no single program works for every individual, so I have crafted two separate programs that I can tailor to meet your specific golf needs:

  • Golf Pain-Free and Rocking It: You will have two 30-minute, one-on-one, golf-specific workouts weekly. This program lasts for 8 weeks. I build on the basics of mobility, stability and balance as determined by our initial 16 point assessment by also including strength exercises specific to the muscles that golfers rely on. (A 16 point physical assessment is included at the start of this program)
  • Golf Pain-Free, Rocking It Plus: This is a comprehensive 3-month program starting with the above basics, but focusing more on building in the strength and explosiveness to help you put the power back into your swing. For further customization, I can add a third weekly session to work on flexibility, weight loss or other overall health goals. (2 16 point physical assessments are included in this program)

Schedule Your Golf Physical Assessment NOW!

Call me today at 612-202-0448 to regain control of your golf swing. We’ll go through an initial 16 point physical assessment to evaluate your body’s limitations and determine which program would work best for you, after all, if we aren’t assessing we are just guessing! If you still aren’t sold, email me for more training information. I look forward to helping you get your golf game back on track!