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Holiday Specials

I hope you have enjoyed your holiday!  Here are some of the amazing services and programs I am offering at a special price right now!  Let me know if there is ever anything else you’d like to work on and we can discuss it.




8 Week Hormone Boot Camp Challenge

Starts Tuesday January 8, 2019

The Transformation

  • Feeling full of energy
  • Sleeping soundly
  • Clear and focused mind
  • Strength and Bone Density
  • Looking Trim and Sexy
  • Wanting Sex again

the Nuts and Bolts of the program

  • the Plan
  • the Workouts
  • the Food Guide
  • the Stress Reduction Guide
  • Weekly support

Buy This Weekend and save $100 off the Regular price of $399

Buy now for $299

#FixYourFrisky Programs

There are several layers to the Hormonal Balance Program and they Can be added all at once for the most bang for your time or layered one at a time to have time to incorporate each aspect

#FixYourFrisky Strength Protocol     $33         



#FixYourFrisky Sprint Protocol         $33           

#FixYourFrisky Food Protocol           $33           


Purchase all 3 and get these bonuses!

#FixYourFrisky Stress Reduction Protocol

#FixYourFrisky Calendar

Reiki and Weight Loss Coaching

This powerful combination of stress reduction healing energy and years of fitness coaching experience will accelerate your weight loss

Just have a little to lose?

6 week Jump Start Protocol

60 minute sessions; part Reiki, part coaching   $444     

($540 value)

More than 10 Pounds to lose?

12 Week Coaching Protocol

60 minute sessions; Reiki and coaching           $777
($1080 value)


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