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Let’s face it…As we get older sleep becomes more and more elusive.  Sometimes it’s laying awake in bed for hours after you turn in, sometimes it’s waking up at 1am.  Either way, the next day stinks!

And that sleepless night turns into a coffee (energy drink) swilling morning sometimes leading into an afternoon nap and then another sleepless night.

String enough of these nights together and there can be some real health consequences…as extreme as heart attacks; and drowsy driving has been compared to driving drunk.

But more often the effects are subtle; lack of concentration or brain fog, moodiness or cravings and just plain old low energy.

Not really a big deal, right?

But what about those disappointed little people (kids and grands) that you just don’t have the energy to play with?

What about your honey that you promised some undivided attention to this afternoon?

What about the co-workers who are relying on you to get your part of the project complete?

What about you…being able to enjoy your life?

In this simple tip sheet there are 12 tips to help you settle in for the night and get that deserved and needed rest.

Download the tip sheet now to create a better night’s sleep, starting tonight!

Hey there!  I am Denise, I help women shift their minds and bodies to a healthy place as they enter a new and often bewildering stage of life commonly known as “the change.”  A time when bodies, minds, sleep and sex are no longer predictable.  But with a few easy shifts in food, exercise and stress reduction they can once again feel alive, sexy and rested.

I am an empty nester relishing in the next chapter of life.  Just like my clients, I want to continue to live, travel and enjoy this age even more than the last.  Complete with romantic dates and wild nights.

I’ve been a Personal Trainer for 18 years and in the last 5 shifted my focus to women with hormonal changes, especially those of menopause.  It is so exciting to see these women realize their strength, power and sexuality is completely in their control once again!


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