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Melt your stress to start melting your middle

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Stress Less Screen Savers and Affirmations

To calm your mind, your body and your hormones

Another life changer for me? YES!!

Years ago I kept hearing and reading about how meditation was “THE” thing.  It took awhile for me to give it a try but once I committed to 30 straight days…there was no denying what a game changer meditation is.

Over the years I have tried several variations of meditations but I always come back to Dr. Wayne Dyer and his Manifesting Meditations.  On these beautiful Caribbean Screen Savers is all of the affirmations to that meditation.

I would invite you to spend a few minutes each day in reflection of at least one affirmation, or repeat them all daily.  The choice is yours.

With this free gift I hope to inspire you to  a meditation habit for a lifetime, or at least a week!

WAIT!  What about the melting body and hormones?

YES!!!  As we calm our minds our hormones will follow, our cortisol decreases and this is super important because then we will quit storing fat!  As we quit storing fat, we will melt our bodies as well.

If you are a 30-60 year old woman this becomes even more vital to your well being.  As you may have heard me say, reducing stress is the number one key to minimizing all the symptoms of menopause.  

Yes, ALL the symptoms feed off of stress induced cortisol.

Start your stress reduction plan now with these gorgeous screen savers!

So in this month of gratitude, for week 3 I’d love for you to claim the 17 calming screen savers.

My most special gift to help you melt your stress, your body and your hormones!


17 Free Calming Screen Savers

Melt your stress, your body and your hormones now