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the end of the year is near
  You know…fall into fitness?  Get Hot for the Holidays?  Haven’t reached your New Year’s goals yet?  Time to double down, the end of the year is near!  The kids are back in school, time to get back to the gym! Which is quickly met with…BUT THE HOLIDAYS…I’LL START AGAIN IN JANUARY! A quick check in...
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you gotta fill yourself up first
The last official week of summer…you know, the one right before Labor Day Weekend and then the kids head back to school, the weather suddenly has a crispness to it, windows are left open overnight, pools come down, sweaters and jeans are pulled out aaaaaaaand all of those fall activities start!  High School Football games,...
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My scary drive First….I made it out! Second, bear with me during the lead up, this really does relate to fitness! So this past weekend I met my sister at the Mall of America. 1) I hate driving in “the cities” proper. 2) My former MoA security guard daughter says the parking lots have more...
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I am doing a 21+7 day detox this month, I am on day 19 today. With the encouragement of my naturopathic chiropractor I am recording my progress, my struggles and my wins. I didn’t know if I wanted to be so vulnerable as to share with you for a while so I just recorded my...
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What has happened to me? I was always the skinny one, the lucky one to be able to eat whatever I wanted. I feel so old. I am huge. I have to go buy bigger jeans. My work uniforms don’t fit; didn’t I just get a bigger size last year? I am sooooooo tired all...
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First I need to clear this up, I AM not a holiday jumper!  Merry Christmas Season! What  an awesome time of year, and I don’t say that just because I am getting ready to go somewhere very warm and sandy.  This is a great time to rest, relax and take some time for yourself to...
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